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We appreciate your trust greatly. Our clients choose us and our products because they know we are the best.

Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 22 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 20 PM

Our Wines

We are a New Organic Winery
Preserving Traditions

Amazing Taste

Our wine is a great combination of hard work of our wine makers and a unique terroir.

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Organic Grapes

For the wine to gain premium quality, we use only the best grapes harvested manually.

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Sustainably Farmed

We firmly believe that the wine we make is capable of competing with famous brands.

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Selected Wine Varieties, Local Food and Special Events

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Discover the Southern Flavors Within Our Wines

Amy Walker

Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.

Amy Walker

Photographer, Pixel
Sandra Phillips

A homey little winery and vineyard in the picturesque hills. Delicious wines, nice variety, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Beautiful environment for wine tasting – laid back, rural setting, chairs outside to slowly enjoy your tasting, perfect experience.

Sandra Phillips

Designer, Art Studio
Harry Morrison

A complimentary tasting is included in the mansion tour. We tried four different wines that we really enjoyed. After the tasting we decided to get a glass and sit outside. The staff recommended a bottle as it would be cheaper for three of us, so we got the Rose Brut and enjoyed it.

Harry Morrison

CEO, Business Co.